Sailing into the sunset

Famous for its mesmerizing sunsets, Santorini is a destination that once you visit, you are destined to visit it forever in your memories. There is so much to see and do on this Cycladic gem, but you can only say that you have “seen it all” in Santorini, if you hop on a sailing trip to admire its beauty from a whole different angle.

If you seek a truly unique experience in Santorini, this experience must surely include the Aegean sea, the volcano, and the sunset! Volcano Yachting offers you exactly that, and much more! You are welcome to embark on a sailing adventure that will travel your body, mind, and soul to the hidden charms of Santorini, that few have the chance to experience.

Indulge in a private or semi-private tour to the impressive volcano, and as the day ends, admire the astonishing sunset as the catamaran sails into its golden rays. The tour will start from the southernmost coast of Santorini, sailing along the most famous beaches of the island, where you will marvel at the geologically polymorphous volcanic landscapes of their colorful shores. Afterward, you will get to explore the volcanic islets and relish the healing waters of the hot springs.

Thirassia Island offers the perfect setting for dinner, and our chef will prepare onboard, mouthwatering local dishes for you accompanying them with local wine. As the sun begins to descend behind the horizon, its magnificent colors will spread out all over the sky and the sea, and as the catamaran soaks through the shimmering rays, you will be able to feel all the magical vibes of this extraordinary celestial phenomenon – The perfect ending to a magnificent sailing experience!
Santorini Island - Greece
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