Set Sail in an Exclusive Catamaran Adventure

Santorini is undeniably one of the most popular luxury yacht charter destinations in the world, and for a good reason. Chartering a yacht in Santorini is an immersive experience that ignites a feeling of wanderlust, whetting your appetite for an exclusive, laid-back adventure. The ultimate vacation experience awaits, combining elegance and luxury with simple pleasures in life.

Unsurpassed in design, luxury, and performance, the Volcano Yachting catamaran offers a pleasurable private cruise experience. Gazing at the embroidered coastline and the towering caldera with the dazzling-white cubic houses stacked along its rim is going to take your breath away, as you enjoy a glass of Theran wine. Relish gourmet dishes prepared by our skilled chef on your indulgent private yacht charter. Lean back and relax, while you cruise the crystal waters of the Aegean.

Crewed by an experienced team who will cater to your every need and desire, our catamaran is fitted with high-end amenities, both on deck and interiors, to ensure an impeccable sailing experience. Enjoy a perfect day out in the sea, swimming, snorkeling, and admiring Santorini's magnificent silhouette from the Aegean's point of view!
Santorini Island - Greece
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