Treat Yourself with an Onboard Wellness Ritual

Travelers that feel like there should be no boundaries as to sailing experiences on offer, Volcano Yachting grants absolute freedom to create a tailor-made cruise. The ideal choice for cruise-aficionados seeking to combine sailing with some extra relaxation onboard is our massage and wellness treatment. During the cruise, a qualified massage therapist will work magic on your body and spirit, soothing every single ache that is accumulated in your muscles, thus releasing any negative emotion that has been blocking your well-being. 

Let your self go, and embark on a totally relaxing state of mind, enjoying a blissful journey sailing the Aegean. Through this holistic experience, you will reach your inner peace, feeling absolutely rejuvenated and light as a feather. Revel in a soothing massage session against the emblematic caldera, with the vibes from the volcano tantalizing every cell in your body. 
The yacht sails at a low pace on the Aegean, giving you all the time you need to unwind and enjoy a rejuvenating day in the sunny deck of the catamaran. Enjoy a spectacular cruise spa experience, inhaling the therapeutic oxygen of the sea breeze in this authentic wellness ritual that will recharge your batteries. 

Soon you will start noticing all the health benefits of this treatment: improvement in blood circulation, greater flexibility and range of motion, stress relief and relaxation. By the time the cruise ends, the desired feeling of euphoria is achieved, and our mission is successfully complete!

Treat yourself and your loved ones with this precious wellness gift, experience wellness from within, and return home more refreshed than ever!
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