Tailor Made

For those feeling like there should be no boundaries as to sailing experiences on offer, there is absolute freedom to create your very own cruise. Choose the route of your preference and fully tailor the whole trip according to what appeals to you the most. When do you wish to visit the volcano or the most secluded beaches of Santorini? Do you wish to travel during daytime or with the moon mirrored on the water? You are more than welcome to shape the cruise of your dreams and then allow us to turn your dreams into reality.
  • Complimentary pickup and return with our a/c minibus
  • Island map with information about Santorini
  • Open bar with Greek wine, beer and refreshments (Santorinian Wine, Ouzo, Soft Drinks, Juice and Water)
  • Traditional Greek mezedes and BBQ prepared on board (pork chops or chicken fillet, Greek salad, shrimps, pasta, tzatziki, bread, traditional sweets,fresh fruits)
    * Vegetarian meal available upon request
  • Swimming & snorkeling gear (to be returned to the crew)
  • Jacket (to be returned to the crew)
  • Towels (to be returned to the crew)
  • Free Wi-Fi access
Extra Services
Setting out on a sea adventure is always remarkable as an experience. You discover uncharted lands and you enjoy a unique, special journey on board. With the addition of an exclusive Chef tending to your gastronomic desires, such an experience is taken on the next level! During your sailing tour in Santorini, you may arrange for a private candlelight dinner at sunset or a picnic or a healthy lunch as you are sailing away in searches. Enjoy the freshness of the Aegean in every bite, relishing the catch of the day or having a taste of the local cuisine – always with absolute respect to your dietary requirements and your personal preferences.
Invigorate your senses and embark on a blissful journey sailing the Aegean, under the hands of seasoned professionals. A holistic experience that will allow you to relax and rejuvenate, reaching your inner peace as you are balancing on the waves. Soothing massage sessions and beauty therapies against the emblematic caldera, surrounded by the vastness of the sea. Discover the volcanic aura of mystery that surrounds Santorini and experience wellness from within! 
The Aegean provides an astonishing wealth of opportunities to sea adventurers and those seeking to explore the beauty of Greece. Apart from sailing experiences to discover the volcano and the lunar-like beaches of Santorini, you may also schedule exciting activities that turn your experience into something truly remarkable. Fishing and using the catch of the day to create culinary wonders of unmatched freshness is spectacular. Scuba diving is another breathtaking experience in the water, as the sea bed is extremely rich and holds the key to untold mysteries. Set your mind on what your heart desires and live it in Santorini!
Private Party
Do you wish to dance the night away and throw a party to cherish for a lifetime? At Volcano Yachting, we offer the ultimate partying experience sailing the Aegean! Is there a better venue than our Catamaran, ensuring absolute privacy and isolation in an idyllic setting? Schedule the route of your choosing and discover the coastline of Santorini, the islands nearby or the endless blue of the horizon far away. A private party at sunset is undeniably thrilling, stimulating the senses and providing the perfect escape from the ordinary. Celebrate your bachelor or sip on fruity cocktails at sundown, dance and have fun with your precious company exploring the beauties of Santorini in a unique ride!
Private Wedding
Santorini is the epitome of romance! Couples in love select such an ethereal place in the world, so as to hold their dreamy wedding. Unparalleled luxury and comfort against a truly romantic and awe-inspiring backdrop, private sailing takes on a whole new meaning in Santorini. If you seek something to extraordinary in your Santorini wedding, then you should look no further. Organize to hold the wedding ceremony on board, as the sun is going down to sleep. The experience will be out of this world! And then, for the select few a marvelous wedding reception sailing the gentle waves!
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